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The North Art Collective is made up of several creative companies and people. There are two Stilt Walking companies, Oakleaf Stelzenkunst from Hamburg and Stelzen-Art from Bremen. There is the Baengditos Theater from Hamburg, well known for their explosive performances and humor. The opera singer Tina Säck completes our collective.
From many years of street performance and dance experience we create large productions with a message. The show Freecracy consists of 12 large, inflated and illuminated costumes plus a 5 meter high figure with our opera singer on top. Added to that we are able to equip up to 20 local volunteers (of you choice) who we will train and include in the production to a total of 35 illuminated figures. The show is accompanied by original music.


Oakleaf Stelzenkunst

Bängditos Theater

Tina Säck

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